Three simple things.

Producing great digital campaigns comes down to three simple things,
a brilliant idea, well thought out and executed.

You need a strong creative idea.

With so much focus on AdTech and data it seems we sometimes forget about the power of a great idea. Whilst data and technology certainly enables us to produce more effective, relevant cross device experiences at the heart of your campaign you really need a strong, compelling creative idea. Something that gives something back to consumers, is memorable and maybe even makes us laugh.

Map out the campaign architecture.

With a wealth of channels spanning social, digital display, video, content and more it is more important than ever to ensure your campaign reaches the right consumers across various touchpoints, spanning the real and digital worlds and throughout the timeline of the days, weeks, and beyond.

Pick the best tools for the job.

We use the latest and best technologies and platforms to enable us to deliver cutting edge rich media solutions for Agencies, Brands and Publishers. There is some fantastic creative tech, such as Celtra, Sizmek and Doubleclick, that enables us to pick and choose the best tool from the digital toolbox to execute on a campaign. This ensures that creative is well designed, responsive and loads quickly delivering a positive brand experience.


About Us

We craft digital experiences

Stanford Burn was set up by Alex Burn to provide digital brand solutions for brands, agencies and publishers.

A versatile and successful Creative Director, Alex has been working in the digital space since the late 1990s building and leading creative solutions teams at companies including AOL, Collective and Time Inc, acquiring a wealth of creative, technical and commercial skills along the way.

With over 20 years experience in the digital landscape Stanford Burn know the best people and tools to help you execute on your brand strategies.

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Creative Solutions For Agencies, Brands and Publishers


We use the latest and best technologies and platforms to enable us to deliver cutting edge digital solutions for Agencies, Brands and Publishers.

Whether that is designing and building a campaign from scratch or reworking existing creative assets into an effective rich media experience, we can help.

Rich Media Campaign Production.

Our team has been building rich media ad units since the early 00’s. Our units deliver impact and engagement across devices so ensuring you are talking to the consumer at the right time, on the right device. We build hundreds every year for a range of brands big and small and know the best tools and tech for the job.

Dynamic, intelligent creative.

We are experts in dynamic creative. That classic combination of Art and Science enables us to craft unique and effective digital experiences. We can help you use data to make your ad unit much more relevant to the consumer, and so ultimately more effective.

Digital Creative Consultancy.

With 20 years of digital experience, across thousands of campaigns, we have the know-how to help you find the best solution for your digital needs. Built on a network of trusted suppliers and partners we are small and agile, able to scale quickly when needed so giving you great results without having to worry about large overheads and staffing costs.


Our Services

We use the best technologies and platforms to enable us to deliver cutting edge digital solutions for Agencies, Brands and Publishers.

HTML5 Creative

Designed and built from scratch, we can work from your designs, or if you already have creative we can repurpose from that.

Microsites and landing pages

Dedicated campaign websites and landing pages designed to drive conversion.


Design and html coding for email, we make them look great in all email clients.


Let us help you understand, and improve, how users interact with your product.

Website design & build

Designed and built in WordPress for cross device simplicity.

Video editing

We can take your existing video assets and repurpose these for social and mobile formats.

Brief response and mockups

Need some great digital ideas developed and bought to life?

Brand Development

We can design, develop and implement your brand strategy, from logo design to full company re-branding, we can help.


Get in touch

Got a question?

Or maybe you need a quick quote or some ideas to bring a brief to life, get in touch and we can help.

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